Minecraft's Next Update Adds Cherry Blossoms

The new biome will feature a decidedly pink canopy.


Minecraft will receive a new cherry blossom biome. You can test on the biome in a Minecraft Java snapshot on February 15, with a Minecraft Bedrock preview coming at a future date.

These new trees will cover the world in a pink canopy, as well as offer a full wood set for harvesting and crafting. You can use cherry tree wood to create new hanging signs. You can also plant saplings to grow more cherry trees, adding them to whatever biome you call home.

An example of the cherry trees and the pink, cherry tree woodset.
An example of the cherry trees and the pink, cherry tree woodset.

In other Minecraft news, more features of the large 1.20 update have been revealed. Fan-voted mob The Sniffer will arrive in the update, allowing you to hatch them and use their powerful nose to find ancient plants. Archeological systems, whereby players can uncover items like bones, tools, and sniffer eggs, will also arrive in the update. Similarly to the cherry blossom biome, you can check out the sniffer and archeology in preview on February 15.

Other additions coming in 1.20 include camels, more default skins, craftable bamboo, a cactus block, as well as other features. The last major update, Minecraft 1.19, added the Dark Deep and Mangrove Swamp biomes, as well the frighting Warden and the friendly Allay mobs.

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