Super Mario Bros. Movie Steelbook Edition Is Exclusive To Best Buy

You can also preorder standard editions of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in 4K, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital formats.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie only just arrived in theaters, but Blu-ray preorders are already open at Amazon and other retailers. Big Mario fans may want to consider picking up one of the collector's editions. Walmart has a limited-edition box set, while Best Buy has the exclusive Power Up Edition that comes with a cool steelbook case. Both of these special editions could sell out, so we'd recommend ordering early.

The long-awaited animated film has received mixed reviews, but chances are most Nintendo fans will want to head to their local theater to watch it regardless. If you also want to own your own copy, you can reserve the Super Mario Bros. Movie in multiple formats.

While audiences are finding The Super Mario Bros. Movie to be a family-friendly thrill ride, critics are split on the title. Our review gave the film an impressive 8/10, praising it for great action sequences and remaining respectful to the source material.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie never feels reverent of the Mario IP, but it's also never disrespectful,” wrote critic Phil Owen. “It's a spot that might not have worked if the film weren't so well put together--fortunately for us, though, The Super Mario Bros., could end up being one of the best big-budget action flicks of the year.”

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