CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - Best Barter Recipes In Season 3

Season 3 of Warzone 2 introduces recipes, and here are some of the best recipes you can barter for.


Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is live, and DMZ just received a major update with plenty of new features to check out. One of the most impactful changes is the barter feature, which lets you find recipes to barter for items you need. Here we walk you through the best recipes in Season 3 of DMZ.

How DMZ's barter recipes work

Season 3's new barter system isn't player-to-player trading, but more of a way to swap scavenged items at a Buy Station to trade for something else you need. This bartering is done using recipes, which are component lists needed to receive the new items.

These recipes are found at the Buy Stations around the maps, and they are set lists that can be memorized for easy bartering. Most recipes will be common across all maps, but Building 21 and Ashika Island locations each have a few of their own unique sets of barter options across its Buy Stations, but we'll highlight the important ones here.

DMZ's best bartering recipes

3-Plate stealth vest recipe

Season 3 introduces the new 3-Plate stealth carrier, which in addition to holding three armor plates, comes built-in with the Ghost perk to help keep you off enemy radar. If you're looking to go under the radar in your match, you'll need to scavenge these items:

  • 2 electrical components
  • 1 comic book
  • 1 game console

3-Plate medic vest recipe

Season 3's new medic vest lets you get armored up while also granting both faster revives on squadmates, as well as faster self-revives when using a self-revive kit. To suit up as a medic, you'll want to scavenge these items:

  • 3 bandage
  • 1 liquor
  • 1 watch

Skeleton key recipe

Season 3 adds the skeleton key to DMZ. This is a special key that can unlock any door in DMZ, with the only exception being entry to Building 21. You'll still need to get a Building 21 Access Keycard to access that location, but you can use the skeleton key to unlock spaces within Building 21. The only way to get this key is to craft it with these items:

  • 1 GPU

The GPU is a bit rarer than some of the other recipe requirements, but is found at random when searching the various computers all over the map. It also has a recipe of its own.

GPU recipe

You can now barter for a GPU to make getting a skeleton key or completing a specific mission a bit faster. So far, this seems specific to Ashika Island, so you'll want to visit the island and scavenge these items:

  • 2 gold bars
  • 5 thumb drives
DMZ secure backpack recipe
DMZ secure backpack recipe

Secure backpack recipe

Season 3's new secure backpack lets you secure scavenged items between runs, meaning the valuables you loot like GPUs and hard drives will stay in your pack for the next match, instead of converting into XP. You also won't lose these items if you die. This only includes "non-Contraband, non-on-soldier items" in your inventory, so it won't include Contraband weapons, killstreaks, gas masks or self-revives. You'll want scavenge these items:

  • 1 electric drill
  • 1 gas can
  • 1 gold skull

Scavenger backpack recipe

Season 3's new scavenger backpack provides more inventory slots. To have the best backpack for a scavenging session, you'll first want to loot these items:

  • 1 battery
  • 1 canned foods
  • 2 gun cleaning oil

3-Plate comms vest recipe

Season 3's new comms vest lets you get armored up and provide valuable intel. This vest is like a signal booster. It increases the duration of all UAV technology in DMZ (the killstreak, UAV towers, and enemy radios dropped by AI) and makes them function as Advanced UAVs, meaning they also show player direction and location.

  • 2 hard drives
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 smoothing hand cream

Tempered plate carrier recipe

The new tempered plate carrier is an armored vest, which works just like Warzone 1's tempered plate carrier. Your armor will be two half-bars instead of three thirds, making it easier and more efficient to re-plate after a fight. So far, this vest seems specific to Ashika Island, so you'll want to visit the island and scavenge these items:

  • 1 classified documents
  • 1 sensitive documents
  • 2 documents

Revive pistol recipe

The Revive Pistol field upgrade is a great option to take into a match of DMZ, especially if you're the medic of your team. You'll need to scavenge these items:

  • 1 bandage
  • 1 soothing hand cream

Durable gas mask recipe

Durable gas masks are always handy for either venturing into the radiation zone or trying to make a last minute escape to an exfil location. You'll need to scavenge these items:

  • 2 toothpaste
  • 1 lighter

These recipes should help you get some of the best gear in the game, and hopefully help you survive your next match of DMZ. If you're looking for high-tier places to loot for gold bars, skulls, and other items, make sure to check out our guide for best loot locations for DMZ.

Season 3 also adds the ability to customize Contraband weapons, and we have a full guide to this new DMZ workbench feature.

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