Get A 1TB SSD For PlayStation 5 For $75

This is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your internal PS5 storage.


Looking to upgrade your PS5 storage capacity? Amazon has a great deal on Gammix XPG NVMe SSDs, with several models down to incredibly low prices. The most notable deal is the XPG 1TB Gammix S70 Blade, just $75, down from its usual $130. The listing says $80, but an additional coupon drops the price to $75. Last week, this SSD was available for $70, but it's still an awesome deal at five bucks more.

If you need more space, you’ll also find a 2TB Gammix model for $140 (down from $210) and a massive 4TB model for $330 (down from $480). All three are PS5-ready with heatsinks already attached.

Unlike upgrading the Xbox Series X SSD, which simply involves plugging in an expansion card to an input on the back of the console, the PS5 upgrade process is a bit more involved. Not only will you have to pop open the faceplate, but you’ll also need to remove a screw before gaining access to the SSD install location. It’s a pretty simply process--just be sure you know what you’re doing before you begin.

Not sold on the Gammix SSDs? There's also a 2TB Crucial SSD up for grabs for $131. Meanwhile, the Samsung 980 Pro is also on sale for a nice price at Amazon, so make sure to check out that deal if you prefer to go with a well-known brand for your storage solutions.

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