Company of Heroes 3 Console Preorders Are Only $49 At Amazon, Come With Cool Collectibles

Not only do you get some collectibles, but the game is currently listed for a surprisingly low price.


Company of Heroes 3 launched on PC earlier this year, and the game is headed to Xbox Series X and PS5 on May 30. Preorders just went live, and right now, you can secure your version of the tactical title for just $49 at Amazon for PS5 or Xbox Series X--which also comes bundled with tons of goodies, such as a metal case and a collector’s book.

It's unclear if the $49 list price at Amazon is an error or a planned preorder discount. Over at GameStop, the title is currently listed for $60 (the PC version normally sells for $60, too). Whatever the case, it won’t hurt to snag your preorder while it’s available for this low price, as we doubt it'll go lower prior to launch. Best of all, you’ll get the following bonus content with your preorder:

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Company of Heroes 3 Launch Edition

  • Limited edition packaging
  • Metal case
  • Devil’s Brigade embroidered patch
  • Double-sided map
  • Collector’s book
  • Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack (includes various cosmetics)

If you’d rather pick up the PC version (which is available to play right now), Fanatical is currently discounting Company of Heroes 3 to just $52.79, down from its usual $60. It doesn’t come with any fancy bonus content, but you will get a 5% off voucher for your next purchase--as with most games, the version sold through Fanatical is redeemable on Steam.

Relic Entertainment said there are some big changes in store for Company of Heroes on console. The most notable change will be a new UI, which should make it easier to navigate all the action with a controller. The tactical pause feature will also be ported over from PC, allowing you to freeze the action and figure out your next move without worrying about enemy movement.

We’re not sure how long this $49 pricing will stick around, so be sure to check it out and reserve Company of Heroes 3 ahead of its console launch on May 30.

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