Batman, Superman, And More Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Massively Discounted At Amazon

You can also grab Lord of the Rings and Matrix box sets for cheap as part of the Warner Bros. anniversary celebration.


Streaming content comes and go, but box sets of your favorite movies are forever. If you're a fan of physical media and the security of having that content on personal demand whenever you want it, then you'll want to head to Amazon to take advantage of some big deals on Warner Bros. Blu-ray collections.

This is a pretty solid line-up of discounted collections and includes the most comprehensive Batman movie collection that money can buy. For $50, you'll get 18 Batman films such as Mask of the Phantasm, Under the Red Hood, and the two-part animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

Warner Bros. Animation has steadily rolled out some terrific caped crusader movies since the late 2000s, and most of these films aren't just great retellings of classic comic book stories, they're also visually accurate to the source material. Amazon also has deals on the complete Batman: The Animated Series and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, each of which come with an impressive amount of bat-content.

If you're not looking to add more Batman movies to your shelf, there's plenty more to look at on Amazon. Superman: The Animated series, the beloved weekly TV series from the mid to late '90s is just $30 on Blu-ray, all four Matrix movies will set you back $45 for a crisp 4K collection of reality-warping martial arts, and if you're looking for chills, then you can grab a six films from The Conjuring universe in one handy set of discs.

The other really good deal in this promotion is The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy, which combines all three of Peter Jackson's films into one almighty 4K collection. This includes the extended and theatrical cuts, extra content, and improved audio spread across nine discs. Although there are unsubstantiated reports of a master disc that can rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Boxset Deals

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