Get 8 Retro-Style FPS Games For $18

Ain't no shooter like an old-school shooter.


The “boomer shooter” renaissance has brought about a new wave of first-person shooters that play like the ‘90s-era classics, and Humble’s new Best of Boomer Shooters: Bigger and Boomer bundle collects up to eight of the best old-school-style shooters for just $18.

The bundle comes in multiple pricing tiers with its own batch of games. The base $2 option includes the roguelike arena shooter Impaler. Upping your pledge to at least $12 adds the neon-tinged Viscerafest, dystopian cyberpunk shooter The Citadel, and the gory Lovecraftian romp Forgive Me Father.

For $18, you get all the previous games plus Graven, Nightmare Reaper, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, and Deadlink. All games in the bundle unlock via Steam. You can also up your pledge to give more money to the publishers, Humble, and charity. This particular bundle supports BuildOn, which offers education and other services to women around the world.

Humble’s Best of Boomer Shooters: Bigger and Boomer bundle is available through April 19, 2023, so you have a couple more weeks to grab this deal before it’s gone.

If you’re itching for more bloody PC gaming, Humble’s Scary Games to Play in the Dark bundle is also on sale, offering up to seven horror games for just $18, or this pack of eight Vampire Surivors-like titles for $8.

Humble Best of Boomer Shooters: Bigger and Boomer Bundle

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Pay $12

Pay $18

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